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日野繭子 [Mayuko Hino] – Lunisolar

Leaving unfathomably harsh, emotionless and unstructured noise in the late-80’s/90’s, Hino understands that shock-value noise has no place in the present day. I was never expecting such noise coming into Lunisolar, however, knowing her involvement in the legendary “psychedelic” Japanoise group, C.C.C.C., but there was no denying it was going to be rough.

In the end, it is and it isn’t, Lunisolar is abrasive and tearing as much as it is soaring and intricately crafted, a dense noise evolution in two movements that draws upon improvisational electroacoustic techniques throughout. It pulses along the entire spectrum of harshness from ‘bearable’ to scathing as its complex sonic structure pin-balls between otherworldly textures.


The momentum carried through the first track, “Faintainhead“, builds a post-rock crescendo with swirling, static drones that speed up and falter whilst metallic chimes saw in about halfway through alongside erratic beeps that steadily escalate in anger. Dissonant echoes lie shrouded beneath its chafing ambient cloud, as do gunshot-like loops and mangled vacuums.   

Although crushing by the end, it’s nothing compared to the psychy onslaught and aptly titled, “Astral Travelling“, which employs one of the best uses of a theremin since its invention in 1928 as six of them rumble at various pitch ranges as convulsing static roars like helicopter blades through a distortion pedal. Anxious, discordant synth passages run rife throughout the second half and phenomenally outer-planetary, sci-fi warbles escalate from beneath the increasingly violent static smog. Tears and glitches in the disgusting sound plane rip the piece to shreds in a claustrophobic finish.


Far from sound-collaged works of harsh noise, Lunisolar is constant and inescapable. It offers a continually transforming onslaught of truly psychedelic sounds, twisting and warbling in such an oppressive fashion that you almost feel violated. Easily one of the most outstanding noise works of the 21st century, Lunisolar may very well be what another user coined, post-noise.  


– Ry







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